First of all, it's always hard to calculate exactly when it comes to art, but all my clients get a detailed listing and a quote.


These prices are an upper limit for me and are therefore not exceeded. Exceptions with subsequent changes excluded.


The prices listed below are an approximate estimate and are not a substitute for personally customized calculations.



Prices refer to infantry models in the scale 28-30mm and are extrapolated with larger multipliers with a multiplier.





Step 1: Choose your quality

Step 2: Choose the Miniature category and put it in your shoping cart

Step 3: Choose the quantity of your Miniatures in your shoping cart

Step 4: You now see your personal Calculation


For most high quantity commissions i give personal discounts, but this calculation gives you a little overall view.


Quality levels can be mixed.

Speed painted

Item Name

  • Fast
  • perfect for gaming
  • Mass armys only
  • low in detail

9,00 €

Basic painted

Item Name

  • classic quality
  • perfect for all uses
  • details painted
  • personal style

25,00 €

High Level painted

Item Name

  • High details
  • WoW-Effect
  • OSL effects
  • powerfull finish

45,00 €


What drives me is the urge to become a better artist ...


My way there goes, as with many miniature artists on the order painting.


With your support, I can go my own way and make your personalized hand-painted artworks along the way.


A good basis for discussion and exact agreements are a must and always leads to a satisfied customer.


Likewise a certain artistic freedom is important for an ideal final result behind which I always stand.


Give me your trust and I'll show you my motivation on every single figure.


Thank you so much!